An agent of the Peoples Democratic Party in Rivers State has been shot dead.
The agent was shot dead as the Presidential and National Assembly elections got underway on Saturday.

The major opposition party in the state, All Progressives Congress, is not on the ballot for the National Assembly elections as it has been barred by the Independent National Electoral Commission based on court orders.

According to available information, there are crises in different parts of Rivers State.
The PDP agent was shot dead at Ward 10 in Akuku-Toru Local Government Area.

So also did a stakeholder in the state call in to a the live coverage of the elections by Channels Television to say operatives of the Nigerian Army have snatched election materials in Okrika area of Rivers State.

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CALM DOWN: One dollar is NOT N184 as Google suggests

Google Currency is currently showing that one dollar is going for N184, but this is just a glitch in its software, TheCable can report.

The Central Bank of Nigeria sold the greenback to bureau de change (BDC) operators at N357 per dollar on Friday.

Musa Ibrahim, a BDC operator, who spoke to TheCable from Lagos Island, said he bought $20,000 from the CBN at 357 per dollar.

“We collected from CBN today at the rate of N357, and each BDC operator is entitled to $20, 000,” he said.

CALM DOWN: One dollar is NOT N184 as Google suggests

Two members of staff at Google, who spoke off the record, confirmed to TheCable that this was just a bug, that is currently being fixed by the search giant.

According to Bloomberg currency rate, the dollar is currently trading at N361.8, with the local currency gaining N1.75 against the greenback.

A mail from TheCable to Google Press office is yet to be replied — but an automatic response was received, stating that all queries will be addressed shortly.

Nigeria goes to the poll in less than 12 hours after this glitch, driving speculations and jokes on social media on how the incumbent may want to turn the economy around overnight.

While some fear that their stacked dollars may have lost tremendous value, others are celebrating a rise in the value of the naira, but many are aware this is just a temporary glitch.

Whatever the case is, TheCable understands that the dollar is still trading at 358 to 360 at the foreign exchange market.

MUST READ!! See Some Easy Ways To Make Cool Cash During The Upcoming Election In Nigeria

A lot of things have been happening in all states across Nigeria recently and people are really determined to vote out a party and replace with another simply because the Nigerian economy hasn’t been financially stable.

However, there are some people who still find it very easy to buy things and cater for their selves in this period of recession. Some are even spending money lavishly to buy material things that might not last depending on how they use.

Today, I will be sharing with you some ways you can make money in Nigeria during election just to be able to sustain yourself till the winning President is inaugurated. I have made a lot of money for myself and family before and during elections over they years and I still do it and now I will sharing with you my personal secret to make money during election.

See ways to make money this February below:

1. Sell Meat Pie:

This may sound funny but I want you to give it a second thought. There will be over 300 people queuing waiting to be the next in line to vote as early as 6am till evening. The biggest investment you could make is to make and sell meat pies to people around that polling unit. It is advisable to sell at a place closer to your home so you can escape once there’s any trace of violence or gun shootings.

2. Sell Pure Water and Drinks

I bet you wouldn’t want to argue with me about this. People will definitely buy drinks. I am very sure of that. You could start with 5 bags of pure water and buy drinks like Coke, Fanta, Bigi Cola, Coca Cola and Pepsi. These are peoples favourite and I am very sure, if you can do this. You’ll make a lot of money for that day.

3. Sell Fish Rolls and Doughnut

Actually, I am listing this because my mom bakes and I will tell her to do this. Is she is scared of selling at a polling unit. I would help her to sell. This is another golden investment you can decide to join on Election Day. So start making preparations from now.

4. Sell Face Caps

This is not funny at all because people especially guys are really going to buy face caps when there’s sun. Just pray there’s a very hot sun that day.

NOTE: You should go out once you start seeing traces that it is sunny. I would not expect you to go to the polling unit at 7AM in the morning. People will even be laughing at you because it is not sunny yet.

5. Sell Handkerchiefs

People who can’t afford to buy face caps would definitely be able to purchase handkerchiefs when it is beginning to get sunny. Your target audience here should be mostly females. It get sweaty too when there’s heat, so you should visit the polling unit only when there is hot sun.

6. Sell Indomie and egg

This is indeed very good. People prefer to eat good food to junks like biscuit and egg roll. I’ll advise those that have been doing it before to try this. If you’re looking for a very fast way to make money on Election Day, I won’t suggest you venture into this business because people can’t be predicted and of course people would love to eat good food.

7. Sell Earpiece

This is indeed a very good idea! A guy came in to the library when I was writing this article. He was listening to music and this brought about the idea of selling hear piece. A lot of people will be there chatting with their phones while the place is rowdy and everybody shouting and talking at their loudest voice. A lot of people will really be interested in buying an earpiece to listen to songs. So selling earpiece during election period is a good fetch.

Another thing is Make sure you package yourself very well so as not to look the same as those that are not up to you.

That will increase your customers more.

Author Bio: I’m Gbadebo Toheeb, a Blogger who shares helpful educational guides on NAIRALAND. I write to solve peoples problem and make money while solving problems!

Kindly share with friends using the share buttons below on your screen. They may also be make a lot by reading this.

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Why Northern Stakeholders Forum Dumped Buhari And Chose Atiku

By Kolade Adeyemi, Kano

The Director Action and
Mobilisation of Northern Stakeholders Forum Alhaji Aminu Adam has
advanced reasons why the group decided to dump President Muhammadu
Buhari and chose Atiku Abubakar, the presidential candidate of Peoples
Democratic Party (PDP) for the February 16 presidential election.
at a Zonal Town hall Meeting, held at Mambayya House in Kano yesterday,
said they opted for Atiku Abubakar because Buhari had disappointed

According to him, the group vehemently supported
Buhari in 2015 when there was so much yearning and agitations for
credible leader who would move northern Nigeria forward.

He added
that they were among the youth who orchestrated a protest in United
States of America, when they suspected rigging by PDP in the 2015
elections, which apparently showed Buhari had edged over Jonathan
Goodluck, calling on international communities to pay attention to the
polls in order to ensure Buhari’s success.

He however said that
when Buhari came to power, they later realized that he had failed to
fulfill his campaign promises, especially in the area of fighting
corruption, economy and security.

“In 2015, we fully supported
Buhari because we believed he was the only person to move northern
Nigeria forward. This is because we see that North is lagging behind in
terms of development in Nigeria.
“Ironically, when Buhari came to
power, we realised that he even preferred southern part of the Country
to the North that gave him unprecedented votes. Buhari has failed to
fulfil his campaign promises, especially in the area of economy,
corruption fight and security.

“Look at how killings are becoming
the order of the day. People of Zamfara have turned to refugees as a
result of incessant killings. Likewise Katsina, Kaduna, Taraba, Benue
States and other places,” he said
Adam added that, “that is why we
have now decided to try Atiku Abubakar because we believed in his
integrity and compassion to the masses. We also believed in his ability
to perform better than Buhari,” he said
In his remarks, Chief Guest of the occasion, Alhaji Nastura Nasir Sharif, said Buhari is not the man of his words.

to Sharif, Buhari claimed to have fought corruption, but it was later
proved that the crusade is selective and he surrounded himself with
corrupt politicians who even have cases at Economic and Financial Crime
Commission (EFCC).

He added that at the present critical
situation that northern Nigeria had found itself since 1999, supporting
Atiku Abubakar is the answer as he believed, would perform better than
On his part, Ahmad Abubakar, the Organising Secretary , said
the group’s stance followed the endorsement of Atiku Abubakar by some
pan ethnic groups such as Afenifere, Eze-ndigbo, among other groups who
had thrown their weight behind the former vice president.

Source:- Thenationonlineng

President Buhari Begs Nigerians To Re-Elect Him Ahead Of 2019 Election

President Muhammadu Buhari has appealed to Nigerians to re-elect him.

He made the plea in a video release by the presidency on Sunday.

Buhari said: “It’s been over three years since you gave me the mandate to oversee the affairs of our dear country.

not been an easy journey but with sincerity of purpose, perseverance,
dedication and most importantly support from individuals like you, we
have made great progress.

“Some of these achievements are visible for everyone to see, some are still in the works.

hereby humbly ask for your support again in the coming election to
enable us to move to the NEXT LEVEL and consolidate on the successes
recorded in making our country a better place.

“I don’t take your support for granted. We will continue to work to protect your interest and deliver our mandate.”

Fresh University Graduate Awaiting NYSC Dies In Her Sleep (Photos)

As shared by a Facebook user Chimelum Ajanma who happen to chat with her before her demise,he wrote;

”I heard about your demise this afternoon and I was devastated, I mean why on earth will your life be cut short at this time when you are already at the peak of enjoying your labour after graduating from the uni awaiting Nysc!
We had a short conversation weeks back little did I know that will be our last chat, No sickness,No accident,slept and never came back just like is a joke!
Rip dear, till we meet to part no more..
I love you dear friend❤

Few Months After Welcoming Her First Child, OAP Toolz Says She Wants Another One

Few months after welcoming her first child, a baby boy, with her hubby, Captain Tunde, Popular On-Air Personality, Tolu ‘Toolz’ Oniru-Demuren is really enjoying motherhood as she says she wants another child.

Yahaya Bello’s Thugs Attack SDP Supporters, Injure Many, Destroy Cars (Graphic)

Accordingly to SDP Kogi Central District senatorial candidate,Natasha H Akpoti,APC thugs attacked her supporters yesterday during her campaign.Reacting to the attack,she said….

‘Through the charms and blood. we stand resolute in our decision to liberate our lands.

wish quick recovery to our brother IB Muhammed Omeiza and other
supporters injured today by APC Kogi/ Gov. Yahaya Bello’s thugs who
weren’t happy with our turnout’.

Reacting to the attack, some APC supporters accused her of masterminding the attack.One of them said..

‘Aftermath of Natasha shoot at sight,  this was their action  at Idoji today.
Thugs  armed wt Automatic  pump action  shooting  at sight  as we were already briefed  by Natasha.
This is for the world  to note.
her words  with action, our reply  will come  inform of defeat  God
willing on the 16th of Feb. GYB means well for our people. But we shall
henceforth  protect  our land from  thuggery/ political  violence. 
We stand for peace  in our land, our  PVC shall speak  for  us’.

Kwankwaso Mobbed With Shouts Of ‘Kwankwasiya’ As He Campaigns In Kano (Photos)

Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso mobbed as he campaigns in Kano today.

In a
rally tagged the mother of rallies, the PDP Presidential candidate,
Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and his campaign train are currently at the Sani
Abacha Stadium in Kano.

In a video shared by Ovation boss, Dele
Momodu, Sen. Kwankwaso was mobbed by a mammoth crowd with shouts of
Kwankwasiya and his convoy were unable to move

President Buhari Has Failed Integrity Test – PDP

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP), has accused President Buhari of failing integrity test. The party stated these through a press release signed by it Publicity Secretary. Read full text below.

Buhari has failed his integrity test and has no moral rectitude to
pontificate on corruption, having entangled himself and soiled his
administration in corruption.

If there is any person whose
activities of corruption has become a threat to the coming election, it
is President Buhari, who is financing his campaign with looted funds,
while surrounding himself with politicians indicted for corruption.

Other News: Davido Releases List of Those he Will Vote for in Next Week Elections.

PDP, out of respect for the Office of the President of Federal Republic
of Nigeria, had severally refrained from calling out President Buhari
on his various indictments for corruption even during his era as a
military ruler.

A clear reading of Mr. President’s statement
today shows that he is not yet aware that Nigerians have decoded his
mastery of concealments of corruption in his Presidency and are no
longer interested in his failed self-acclaimed fight against corruption.

Buhari presides over the most corrupt and incompetent administration in
the history of our nation, for which Nigerians are very eager to go to
the polls on Saturday to vote him out of office.

Is it not
strange therefore that President Buhari who wants Nigerians to perceive
his administration as fighting corruption, will cast a net into the
ocean and bring out only corrupt people to run his campaign?

truth is that Nigerians have seen more than enough of the fake fight
against corruption and have come to a conclusion that President Buhari
is merely paying lip services to this fight. He has no intention to do

Rather than seeking for sympathy votes, President Buhari
should simply admit his failure in governance and allow Nigerians to
build their future by getting our nation working again under the
leadership of Atiku.

IPOB Members Blast Nnamdi Kanu Over Atiku Comment (Screenshots)

Atiku was born in Cameroon and not qualified to contest for Nigeria Presidency comment by Nnamdi KANU have elicited angry Response from IPOB members and Sympathizers

Corruption Threatens Nigeria And Its Election – President Buhari Says In New Article

Corruption Threatens Nigeria And Its Election – President Buhari Says In New Article

Read a new article wrtten by President Buhari below

On February 16th, Nigeria will hold a general election. Four years
ago, the country experienced its first democratic transfer of power to
the opposition since 1999. The vote in a few days will be no less

As president, I have tried to judiciously exercise the trust vested
in me to combat the problems of corruption, insecurity and an
inequitable economy. All are important. But amongst them, one stands
above the others as both a cause and aggravator of the rest. It is, of
course, corruption.

A policy programme that does not have fighting corruption at its core
is destined to fail. The battle against graft must be the base on which
we secure the country, build our economy, provide decent infrastructure
and educate the next generation.

This is the challenge of our generation: the variable on which our
success as a nation shall be determined. But the vested interests at
play can make this fight difficult. By way of their looting, the corrupt
have powerful resources at their disposal. And they will use them. For
when you fight corruption, you can be sure it will fight back.

It even threatens to undermine February’s poll and – by extension –
our democracy. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has raised
concerns over laundered money being funnelled into vote buying. This is
the problem of corruption writ large. It illustrates how it lurks in all
and every crevice of public life, manipulating due process in pursuit
of self-preservation and perpetuation; protecting personal political and
economic interests at the expense of the common good.

Indeed, those who have criticised my administration’s anti-corruption
drive are those who oppose its mission. And though their lawyers may
craft expensive alibis, they cannot escape that which binds them
together: a raft of documents and barely legal (some clearly illegal)
mechanisms – whether that be the Panama Papers, US Congress reports,
shell companies or offshore bank accounts.

Corruption corrodes the trust on which the idea of community is
founded, because one rule for the few and another for everyone else is
unacceptable to anyone working honestly.

But as we have intensified our war on corruption, so we have found
that corruption innovates to resist the law. This is not the sole domain
of those Nigerians, but the international corruption industry: the
unsavoury fellow-traveler of globalisation.

Once the enablers are let in – as they have been in the past – the
greed of those they collude with grows. We have closed the door on them,
but unfortunately there still remain individuals who are willing to
open windows.

Concrete progress has been made, but there is still much to do. We
have repatriated hundreds of millions of dollars stowed away in foreign
banks. These funds have been transparently deployed on infrastructural
projects and used to directly empower the poorest in society. More is
still to come from our international partners in France, the United
Kingdom and the United States of America. Yet the hundreds of billions
sifted out of the country for the best part of this century promise

We have secured high profile convictions, but greater cases remain.
Lawyers table endless objections to obstruct court proceedings, whilst
their clients hope it lasts until a ‘friendly’ president is voted into
office. We must continue to tighten the legal framework and ensure the
authorities have the investigative powers at their disposal to secure
sentences. Only then will we begin to neutralise the advantages the
corrupt have.

More ghost workers must be removed from government payroll (almost
$550 million has been saved from identifying phantom employees). More
can be recovered through our whistle-blower policy ($370 million has
been returned since its launch in 2016). More is still to come. But,
together, we shall prevail over corruption.

A Yoruba proverb states that only the patient one can milk a lion.
Likewise, victory over corruption is difficult, but not impossible. We
must not flounder in our resolve. I know many Nigerians would like to
see faster action. So do I. But so too must we follow due process and
exercise restraint, ensuring allegation never takes the place of
evidence. For that is not the Nigeria we should wish to build.

There is no doubt that this Administration has changed the way we
tackle corruption. The choice before voters is this: Do we continue
forward on this testing path against corruption? Or do revert to the
past, resigned to the falsehood that it is just the-way-things-are-done?
Or that it is just too difficult – too pervasive – to fix? I know which
one I would choose. It is why I am asking Nigerians for another four
years to serve them.


Newborn Twins Placed On Body Of Their Mother Who Died After Delivery

Newborn Twins Placed On Body Of Their Mother Who Died After Delivery

A family member of a woman who died after childbirth posted the photos during her funeral in Thailand last week. The babies survived.

Musician, Alariwo Of Africa Shares Scary Photo Of A Commercial Plane’s Tyre In Nigeria

Musician, Alariwo Of Africa Shares Scary Photo Of A Commercial Plane’s Tyre In Nigeria

According to the crossover king, Alariwo of Africa, ‘do we need to start looking at tyres now before we board a plane in Nigeria? This is the tyre of a plane and passengers are ready for boarding…This na One of the reasons why I never fly locally..It’s all about money and not about the safety of the people’.

African Best Footballer Mohamed Salah Shaves Off Trademark Beard, See His New Look (Photos)

African Best Footballer Mohamed Salah Shaves Off Trademark Beard, See His New Look (Photos)

African best footballer and Liverpool star, Mohamed Salah has completely shaved off his trademark beard. 

The Egyptian forward who is currently Premier League leading
goalscorer with 17 goals, took to social media to show off his new look
as he shared a selfie from his car on Sunday morning while heading to

Check out what he looks like now…

I Took A Break From Acting To Learn About Sex – Actress Seyi Hunter Reveals

I Took A Break From Acting To Learn About Sex – Actress Seyi Hunter Reveals

Nollywood actress who has been missing for sometime from the industry has finally revealed what she has been up to.

Actress and Vlogger, Seyi Hunter, has said she took a break from the movie industry because she wanted to learn more about sex.

She told Sunday Scoop, “I took a break from my movie career last year to learn more about sex education and therapy. I did some courses on Sex Education and Human Sexuality to make me a certified sex educator. However, I just produced a movie titled, The Return. I’m also currently working on another production and I have scripts lined up from other filmmakers. So, it’s already a busy year.”

Explaining why she decided to focus on s*x in her vlog, Hunter said, “When I started my vlog, Sinful Friday, I realised that it was a welcome idea. It felt like Nigerians and the rest of the world had been waiting for me. People are in need of someone to teach them sexual skills and pleasure. I’m good at it and I’m an expert in the game. So, I decided to focus on everything that has to do with s*x.”

Maintaining that she is not wayward as many are wont to think, Seyi said, “I’m not a promiscuous person. I used to be a one-man kind of girl, and I have been celibate for over a year, but that is changing this month. That I talk about sex and teach sexual skills doesn’t mean I sleep around. People need to understand that.”

Narrating some of her weirdest sexual experiences, Hunter said, “I’ve had lots of crazy sexual experiences but I’ll tell you three. I’ve had s*x in a club filled with people on a Friday night. I just sat on him like I was dancing. I also did it in an elevator somewhere in Ikoyi. And the third one was on a tenth floor balcony somewhere on Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island, at about 6pm. It was rush hour and everywhere was busy but we continued anyway.”

Hunter, who is also the founder of a beauty pageant company, Miss Bikini Nigeria, refuted reports that such competitions encourage prostitution. She said, “I will speak for myself. Miss Bikini Nigeria doesn’t promote prostitution. We don’t tolerate nonsense. We are the only pageant in Nigeria that sends people abroad regularly. Our girls are well behaved; they don’t do that, and we don’t encourage and promote such.”

Comedian Seyi Law Slammed For Joking About Splitting With His Wife (Photos)

Comedian Seyi Law made a joke about splitting with his wife and some followers didn’t find it funny.

He posted a photo with his wife Ebiere and daughter , Tiwa with caption

FAKE NEWS spread faster than wildfire.

to irreconcilable differences would have been enough to announce this,
but the kind and beautiful heart of my ex-wife must be stated. She is
one of the best women I have ever known.

It is however sad, that I
announce that my wife and I have decided to path ways for good. We will
appreciate your love and support at this time. God bless you.
Tiwaloluwa is safe and good.

While many were praying for the
marriage ,some fans didn’t find it funny when he later edited the
caption to reveal it was a joke.

LAUTECH Is A Home Of Intellectuals And Not Cyber Crimes – Lautech SUG

Recently, rumor has it that the EFCC has LAUTECH on its top list of institutions as king den of cyber crimes.

news, since its release has met with several reactions for and against,
but it is pertinent to know that such an allegation on our prestigious
institution is an assassination of character that requires immediate
attention and raising eyebrow, as its implications on the great students
of this institution is haphazard in the labour market and a dent on the
school image on the global stage as against the true image of the
higher citadel of learning.

Starting with the most recent,
LAUTECH just defeated UNIOSUN in a football competition with four goals
to nothing. This shows the spirit of sportsmanship that runs in the vein
of Ladokites, having produced homegrown talents that has represented
the institution, state, and Nigeria at large in the likes of SEYI
OLOFINJANA ( Former Super Eagles Player) and a whole lot of others to
mention but a few, despite the known challenges we are facing from our
nonchalant governments and the TWO Constituted Authority Governors of
OSUN & OYO state.

As students of a school representing
Excellence, Integrity and Service, a team from Ladoke Akintola
University of Technology Ogbomoso won the Hult prize Nigeria finals held
in Abuja May 2018, they won against teams from Ahmadu Bello university
zaria, University of ilorin, University of Benin, University of Lagos,
Ibadan and Obafemi Awolowo University Ile- Ife just to mention a few.

that HULT PRIZE IS THE WORLD LARGEST student competition for social
good and community impact. Also a team from lautech won the Imagine Cup
West Africa finals(2014) in which they represented the school in
Seattle, United States (Imagine cup is the largest student competition
for technology by Microsoft). On three occasions team Lautech had won
the National, Regional and got to the Semifinals of the GOOGLE ONLINE
MARKETING CHALLENGE, the biggest competition for digital and online
marketing in the world for University Students.

Nevertheless, a
student of Lautech named ISMAIL OLALEKAN (ISMUMMY) has won several
HACKATHON competition both home and abroad to earn him the best
Programmer in Nigeria.

All of these and many more proves that
LADOKITES are good ambassador of the country, home and beyond, and all
of these feats are achieved amidst several trials the institution is

Finally, Ladokites are known for their high level of
integrity and it is expected of a sane Government, body/organization to
tap into the numerous talents in the institution to help suggest and
solve the major challenges we are facing in this country rather than
disturbing and harassing the innocent youths.

Nursing Mother Forgets 6-Month-Old Baby In Taxi, Driver Gets Arrested

37years old mother of Little Precious Eromosele on Saturday abandoned her in a public taxi after returning from market.

to report gathered, the mother of three identified as Mrs Cynthia
Eromosele is under police custody for carelessness and child neglect.

Cynthia had gone shopping with her daughter at the popular Oyingbo
market in PortHarcourt to purchase items for a social event the family
is hosting.

After shopping, she hired a taxi to take her to her
residence somewhere at Eleme. While in the taxi, she let her baby sleep
on the taxi seat.

When she got home, she alighted to offload the goods she bought while her visiting in-laws took them inside.

She paid the driver and he zoomed off without realising that Little Precious was still at the back seat unnoticed.

driver who was also unaware of the presence of the baby got to a police
checkpoint where he was flagged down for stop and search.

to explain to the policeman that he had passed a few minutes ago, the
policeman saw little precious and the driver was nabbed immediately for
child theft.

Every explanation to the policemen that the mother
of the baby might have abandoned her in his taxi fell on deaf ears as
the police insisted that he is a child thief.

Meanwhile, trouble
already started at the home of Eromosele as heated accusations and
counter accusations about the whereabout of Little Precious was alleged.

mother insisted that after alighting from the vehicle, she handed over
Precious to one of the guests who denied anything of such as she only
carried the make up kits she bought.

The arguments nearly resulted to fisticuffs before it was suggested that the natter should be reported to the police.

The panic stricken couple arrived at the police station to find little precious and the driver of the taxi in police custody.

every proofs of being parents of the baby, the police asked that the
mother be locked up for child neglect till Monday when she will be
handed over to the ministry of women affairs for discipline.

pleas to allow the mother return home were turned down by the police who
insisted that Mrs Eromosele was serve her punishment as a deterrent to
other would be careless mothers.

Onnoghen: CCT Chair Snubs Query, Says He Reports Only To Presidency


The Chairman of the Code of Conduct
Tribunal, Danladi Umar, says he is not a judicial officer and is
therefore not answerable to any institution but the Presidency.

He, therefore, rejected the authority of the National Judicial Council and the Federal Judicial Service Commission.

said this while responding to a petition against him by an
organisation, the Incorporated Trustees of the Centre for Justice and
Peace Initiative.

In a petition signed by Grace Wogor, the group
asked the commission to sanction Umar for abusing court processes and
granting an ex parte order removing the Chief Justice of Nigeria,
Justice Walter Onnoghen, when the CJN had not yet been convicted.

The FJSC subsequently issued a query to the CCT boss, asking him to respond to the allegations against him.

his response, dated February 6, 2019, and marked CCT/HQ/FJSC/S/01 and
addressed to the acting Chairman of the FJSC, Umar said he was not
answerable to any institution but the Presidency.

He said, “With
regard to the prayer of the petitioner for an appropriate sanction
against the chairman, it is important to note that the chairman and
members of the tribunal, not being judicial officers, are not
constitutionally subject to any disciplinary proceedings by either the
National Judicial Council or the Federal Judicial Service Commission but
the Presidency.”

Umar explained that at the time of inauguration, members of the CCT only take official oaths and not judicial oaths.

said, “The petitioner alleged that judicial oaths were breached and
that the National Judicial Council should consider appropriate
sanctions. It is to be noted that the chairman and members of the Code
of Conduct Tribunal are not judicial officers.

“This is
predicated on the fact that the chairman and members of the tribunal,
during swearing-in, only subscribe to official oaths and not judicial
oaths. Therefore, not being a judicial officer, I did not subscribe to
judicial oaths as alleged.”

On why he granted the ex parte order,
Umar said he did so because it was within his power but added that he
could not speak further since the matter was before the Court of Appeal
and commenting on it would be subjudice.

The CCT boss also
attached a letter dated May 18, 2015, which was signed by the then CJN
and Chairman of the NJC, Justice Mahmud Mohammed.

In the letter
with reference number NJC/CIR/HOC/1/74, the then CJN asked members of
the CCT to stop referring to themselves as justices as they were not

The decision was made pursuant to Paragraph 15 (1 and 2)
of Part 1 of the Fifth Schedule of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal
Republic of Nigeria.

The letter read in part, “From the foregoing
provisions, no member, including the chairman of the CCT on
appointment, is a judicial officer as defined in Section 318 (1) of the
1999 Constitution as amended unless he or she has held office as a judge
of the superior court of record in Nigeria.”

Onnoghen’s defence team has raised the alarm over what they described as
lies contained in the records of proceedings of the CCT dated January
23, 2019.

It was the day the CCT chairman granted an ex parte order for the removal of the CJN.

record of proceedings, which was made available to our correspondent,
read, ‘complainant/applicant respondent (Onnoghen) in court’.

the defence maintained that the CJN was not in court when the ex parte
order was granted by the CCT chairman; rather, only the prosecution was

“We have filed an appeal before the Court of Appeal.

Obviously, there is some hanky panky going on; otherwise, they would not have done that.

knows that neither the CJN nor his lawyers were in court when that ex
parte order was granted,” one of Onnoghen’s lawyers said on Saturday.

Source:- Punchng

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